Wardrobe edit

$200 for 2 hours or $300 for 3 hours
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear? My job is to help you sort out and maximise your closet. I can declutter and reorganise, help you fall in love with pieces you already own and work out the essentials you need to make your wardrobe work harder. I can help you make the most of your figure and create new looks from your existing clothes as well as advise you where to spend and where to save so you can build a wardrobe that you'll wear for years to come. As part of our session I will go home and email you an extensive personalised shopping list (if necessary) with links to various sites and items we have discussed.

personal shopping

$100 per hour
Once we have identified the gaps in your wardrobe we can go shopping and we can work out the best styles, shapes and colors to suit you. Together, we will make smart purchases, that will update and bring more style to your current wardrobe.


Some clients choose to pay a monthly retainer in order to have access to style/shopping advice 24/7. Please enquire if you wish to know more.

Are you looking for a stylist on the go? Don't have time to physically go shopping or maybe it's just not your thing? Let me curate a selection of items online and email you options to choose from, then you can decide what to order. Once you have received your new items I can help you work your new pieces back into your wardrobe. 


$100 per hour
Let me help you style the perfect outfit for your next special event. Whether it's the perfect bridesmaid dresses, an important work function, or a black tie occasion where you want to get back at your ex, we will work together to nail your outfit. 


$100 per hour
Are you one of those people that overpacks when going away, do you under pack or maybe you pack the wrong things? I can help you workshop outfits before you leave so that you travel as stylishly and lightly as possible.